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BIO 133 Human Biology: Tips on How to Find Current Health & Science Articles : Start Here: Article Search Tips

Assignment for Professor Suzanne Long's BIO 133 class

Guide Overview

This web guide was created to assist you in locating current health and science magazine and newspaper articles for the news article report assignments Professor Suzanne Long's BIO 133 course.


Recommended Article Databases

The following databases are useful for locating magazine and newspaper articles in the fields of science and health in publications such as: Discover, Harvard Health Letter, Natural Health, New Scientist, Newsweek, Popular Science, The New York Times, Science News, and Scientific American.

Database Tutorials

Contact Information

Course Professor:

Suzanne Long teaches BIO 133 Human Biology. Students taking this course can contact her by e-mail, telephone, and during her scheduled office hours.

Suzanne Long
(585) 292-2725

Terms / Keywords to Use When Searching for Articles

Instructions are provided in this guide on how to find articles for the news article report assignments using the MasterFILE Premier library article database. Links to credible websites containing select full-text science and health articles are also provided to assist you with this assignment. 

A successful search for magazine and newspaper articles on your topic in the library databases and in Google often depends upon what terms/keywords you type in the search box.

1) You can perform a search in an article database such as MasterFILE Premier or in Google using some of the recommended terms below. These search terms will work also work in other library databases. See box on the left for links to access.

  • New advances in medicine
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical breakthroughs
  • Medical innovations
  • Most significant medical events
  • Medical technology
  • New medical treatments, or new treatments
  • Scientific advances
  • Technological innovations
  • The Year in Medicine
  • Top medical innovations

Example of a Basic Keyword Search

Image showing how to perform a search in a Ebscohost database using "and" to connect search terms together. 

2) You can combine these terms with your topic to create different search strategies using the word "and" to help locate more focused articles on your topic.

Example of a Keyword Search Strategy using the word "and" to connect your search terms

Image showing how to perform a basic search in MasterFILE Premier limiting it to full-text articles