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Printing on the MCC Campuses: Printing Instructions

How to use the PaperCut printing system. Includes instructions for laptop printing.

How to Print and Manage Your Print Jobs

Printing Instructions — $.10 single-sided B&W page, $.75 single-sided color page,
                                    25% discount for B&W duplex (double-sided) printing

1. When you login to any MCC PC, your printing account balance appears in a popup window in the upper right corner of the screen.


Image of PaperCut print system account balance window. LEAVE THIS WINDOW OPEN!


2. To print in the libraries, decide whether you want to print in B&W or color by choosing the appropriate printer. In other labs, the printer may be preselected for you. Options for printers vary from room to room.

3. When you have requested your first print job, you will see a popup message in the bottom right corner of your screen:


Image of the PaperCut popup window informing a user that his/her print job is being held in the print queue.


4. Click on the Release print jobs ... link in the PaperCut Account Balance window to login to the printing system. Login within 100 minutes or your print requests will be deleted.


PaperCut window showing "Release print jobs ..." link


5. Login using your MCC Student Network Account and Password. Your username is your email address up to @. For example: jstudent (without


PaperCut login screen


6. Select Jobs Pending Release from the navigation bar on the left to see your print requests and release them for printing.


PaperCut user navigation menu


7. Check to make sure that the number of pages and cost are what you expect. Print costs are deducted from your printing account. Then click "print" to release the job to the printer.


Image showing the PaperCut Jobs Pending Release screen.