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Images, Motion Pictures and Videos: Basic Info

How to Find Images and How to Cite Them in APA and MLA Style

Locating Digital Images

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Find a large variety of images and videos at MCC Libraries' databases or locate them via the Internet.



For more detailed information on MCC Libraries' database visual resources and recommended Internet sites, please see this guide's pages:

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Images Are Important Sources of Information

"A picture paints a thousand words" is an overused phrase and it is definitely true. A well-chosen image (photograph, chart, table, map, etc.) is a valuable source of information and can provide a great accent for your paper. Images and videos spark discussions and raise questions. They educate and are important tools for knowledge sharing and learning.

Images or videos can clarify problems in a single shot. They serve as a bridge between a verbal explanation and overall comprehension.

Your task is to locate and select the right visual resources for your paper, avoid copyright infringement, and create correct citations.

Including Images in Your Paper

Learn how to incorporate images (tables, charts, figures) into your project or paper. Please read detailed rules in MLA Citation Stye.

The web sites APA Tables and Figures 1 and APA Tables and Figures 2 are helpful for learning more about images and APA Citation Style.