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Faculty Guide to the MCC Libraries: Your Liaison Librarian

Resources and Services for Faculty

Contact the MCC Libraries

Brighton Campus
LeRoy V. Good Library

 (585) 292-2303

DCC Learning Commons

DCC Learning Commons
 (585) 262-1413


 Administration: (585) 292-3859
 Reference: (585) 424-1402

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About the Liaison Program

A liaison librarian is the designated contact person between the MCC Libraries and a specific academic department. Their primary role is to foster communication between the Libraries and faculty.

Lori Annesi

Lori AnnesiLori Annesi
Reference Librarian/Special Collections

 (585) 292-2338
 Room 2-209, LeRoy V. Good Library

 Librarian for:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry & Geosciences
  • Mathematics

What I do here: As Special Collections Librarian, I administer the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights Center. I also provide reference services and teach library instruction sessions.

One thing about me: I love anything to do with old buildings! I am particularly interested in historic preservation and adaptive reuse of old public buildings.

Pam Czaja

Pam CzajaPam Czaja
Reference Librarian/Distance Learning

 (585) 292-2308
 Room 2-318, LeRoy V. Good Library

 Librarian for:

What I do here: I provide reference service at the library Research Desk, teach library instruction classes, and collaborate with instructors to integrate library and information resources into online and in-person classes to support course assignments.

One thing about me: Prior to my career as a librarian, I worked in a university setting for over 15 years as a medical laboratory technologist on numerous health and dental research projects.

Katie DeRusso

Katie DeRussoKatie DeRusso
Assistant Director

 Phone: (585) 292-2320
 Room 2-223, LeRoy V. Good Library

 Librarian for:

What I do here: I am the Assistant Director of Library Services. I support MCC Libraries, especially in the area of new and emerging technologies. I love exploring the ways that technology, information, and people come together to impact our lives, and finding ways to leverage technology to the benefit of our students, staff, faculty, and the library community.

One thing about me: I have hiked 34 of the 46 Adirondack High Peaks and am working to complete the rest of them this year.

Stephanie Hranjec

Stephanie HranjecStephanie Hranjec
Reference Librarian, Part-Time

 (585) 262-1418
 Room 4-094, DCC Learning Commons

 Librarian for:

What I do here: I answer reference questions and provide individual and classroom instruction on information literacy. I also mount monthly and/or biweekly thematic displays related to MCC; Rochester; and nationwide events, anniversaries, and/or trends. You can stop by and see my displays at the DCC Learning Commons and Integrated Learning Center.

One thing about me: Librarianship has been my life's work. I earned my first library science degree in Ljubljana (in my native country, Slovenia), and my second library science degree in Buffalo, NY, when my family moved to the United States. I have a broad knowledge of European/world history and culture and also speak several languages. I love the diversity of our students and feel very proud of those who, despite facing many life challenges, successfully graduate.

Michael McCullough

Michael McCulloughMichael McCullough
Reference/Collaborative Learning Librarian

 (585) 292-2315
 Room 2-209, LeRoy V. Good Library

 Librarian for:

What I do here: I coordinate liaison services for the library, provide information literacy instruction, and work at the reference desks at the LeRoy V. Good and Damon City Campus libraries. I also create and edit online research guides and instructional videos.

One thing about me: I’ve completed 19 marathons during 30-plus years of running.

Richard Squires

Richard SquiresRick Squires
Collection Development Librarian

 (585) 292-2314
 Room 2-209, LeRoy V. Good Library

 Librarian for:

What I do here: I coordinate funding and requests for all new library materials, using input from students, faculty, and staff.​

One thing about me: I’m a pop culture fanatic, especially when it comes to classic horror films!​

Charlene Rezabek

Charlene RezabekCharlene Rezabek
Database Management Librarian

 (585) 292-2330
 Room 2-209, LeRoy V. Good Library

 Librarian for:

What I do here: I catalog new materials and provide reference services.

One thing about me: I am a U.S. Navy veteran.

Mary Timmons

Mary TimmonsMary Timmons
Multi-Campus Outreach Services Librarian

 (585) 262-1413
 Room 4-096, DCC Learning Commons

 Librarian for:

  • Applied Technologies Center (ATC)
  • Education
  • Law & Criminal Justice
  • Public Safety Training Facility (PSTF)
  • Workforce Development

What I do here: I'm based at the Damon City Campus and provide support and services for the students, faculty, and staff at our wonderful downtown campus. I also work with our two main sites, ATC and PSTF. I enjoy watching the DCC students grow during their time at our friendly DCC campus and gain confidence that they can succeed in whatever they do.

One thing about me: I try to embrace winter in all its many forms. Getting outdoors with my son to ice skate, sled, and ski makes living in the Northeast all that more enjoyable!

Alice Wilson

Alice WilsonAlice Wilson
Assistant Director

 Phone: (585) 292-2304
 Room 2-221, LeRoy V. Good Library

 Librarian for:

What I do here: I serve as Assistant Director of Educational Services. The best part of my job is watching students grow in confidence in their abilities as scholars. Many of our students have to overcome great obstacles in order to succeed at MCC, and it’s an honor to support them.

One thing about me: I am a novice but eager-to-learn photographer. My favorite subjects are my husband and son.